Monday, May 7, 2007

Silver Tip Ranch Fund Raiser for Yellowstone Park Foundation

The Yellowstone Park Foundation's annual Silver Tip Ranch fund raiser is scheduled for September 7-10th. I am helping YPF organize this year’s event and this site exists to share logistical information, pictures, and updates to the invited guests.

What is YPF?
The Yellowstone Park Foundation works in cooperation with the National Park Service to fund projects and programs that protect, preserve, and enhance the natural and cultural resources and the visitor experience of Yellowstone National Park.

What does the event entail?
This very special event involves a three-night, four-day stay at the famed Silver Tip Ranch on Slough Creek and will be limited to 14 people.

Slough Creek is famous for its Yellowstone Cutthroats and the Silver Tip will be our home base for horse back riding, fishing, hiking, etc. Slough Creek is widely considered to be on the best trout creeks in the world.

Additionally, the Slough Creek wolf pack will be our neighbors; the pack is the first in modern history to have mastered killing buffalo. While at the ranch, we will be joined by the Superintendent of the Park, head wolf biologist, and other leading staff from Yellowstone.

The pictures below speak to the beauty of the scenery, ranch, and fly water.

Scott Heppel sent the below fishing overview on Slough Creek. Excellent info.

"This area of Slough Creek offers some superb fishing. It is a bit far to walk into for one day of fishing, so it get's a lot less pressure than the first or second meadows. There can be some very good hatches on Slough Creek in the early fall including Baetis Mayflies (size 20) and the "Drake Mackeral" mayfly, which is very large mayfly, about a size 12. Blue Ribbon Flies has a great imitation in their "Drake Mac Sparkle Dun". Another fly that I would recommend taking is some type of deer hair frog pattern. I know that sounds like something that you might use to fish for bass, but the cutthroats on Slough Creek will attack it in the fall. You strip is just like you might in fishing for bass.